Why I Love 4th of July

This is the pioneer post for my newly created Writing Assignment, Holifaves. This assignment is to tell about your favorite holiday in the most descriptive way possible.

My favorite holiday is the fourth of July. I don’t think there’s a single thing I would change about it. I love how its a time for family and friends. There’s always parties that bring everyone together. The best cookouts are always on the fourth. I can still smell the aroma of grilled hotdogs and the sweet smell of fresh watermelon. For me, my family always threw a pool party with friends. I envision everyone laughing and splashing around to escape the summer heat. Near the end of the night the best part would come. Fireworks held everyone’s attention. The loud sounds and vibrant colors bring back child like wonder in everyone regardless of age. I love my country and I can think of no better way to celebrate its independence than with one of the most fun days imaginable.