Weekly Summary 13 & 14

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These two weeks were difficult. I really like the idea of remixes and mashups, but sometimes in practice they can be hard to put together. I had always liked them, but never thought of the idea behind them and the struggles they go through. I can honestly say it enlightened me. I can now see that it is a completely new idea once it is remixed and that it is what it is because of the influences it takes into account. It shouldn’t be a form of plagiarism, but an opportunity to grow on already standing ideas. When it came to completing the remix assignments I had trouble. I was forced to do assignments that stayed away from video. I repeatedly attempted them, but was met with technical difficulties at every turn. My internet connection had been spotty the entire time, but even when it worked the mediums I was using to create my video mashups would act up or not accept certain input. First of all, I couldn’t figure out how to use popcorn maker in a way to accurately edit the Levine video. At least to me it seemed like it could only do basic functions. I also tried using Movie Maker for the other assignments. It constantly had problems. At first it would show nothing but a green screen, which resolved itself after shutting down my laptop. Following that it would only take one video segment and then say the rest couldn’t be used, and force me to delete them. I made sure they were all in mp4 format and not copyright protected. With the assignments I did choose, I had fun. I really enjoy picture editing and mashups are the perfect reason for it. I would have to say the fake movie poster for Superman and Iron Man is my favorite. I think it looks pretty seamless for the parts used. Overall this week gave me problems, so I say good riddance.