Ted Mosbey the Heartbreak Kid (Final Project)

Ted had been seeing this girl Jennifer for a couple of weeks now and they had grown quite close. Being the romantic Ted is, he had fell rather quickly for her. He loved her laugh, her wit, and thought she was strikingly beautiful. Like a few times before he believed he had found what he had been looking for. In the back of his mind he was scared of his feelings, what if she hurt me? He didn’t know if he could take the pain. Unfortunately he was pressed to find out. Like something out of a cliche movie she dumped him in the rain just outside his apartment. The only explanation given was she wasn’t ready for a relationship. Ted was devastated, all the moments and memories they shared shattered in an instant. He went up to his apartment he shared with Marshall and Lily. As he entered the apartment he shared a look with Lily, one she immediately recognized. Though she tried her best to console him, her efforts were futile in the wake of his hurt. Looking at Ted she decided he was a perfect muse for a new art piece.

Ted Artwork

The piece entitled “The Ever Hopeful Heart” would eventually be displayed in one of the most prestigious art galleries in New York. After finishing the painting Lily showed Ted, but while he was impressed, he was still too heartbroken to give a reaction. Moments later the phone rang. Lily must have spread the news to Marshall, and Marshall to Barney because before Lily could get to the phone Barney had already left a voice-mail message.

After hearing from Barney Ted felt a little better. There is something about that confident goof ball that’s comforting. However, it was going to take more than a phone call from a friend to make everything 100%. He started up his laptop and went to Pinterest to find some help with breakups.


Teds Pinterest

Looking through the pins he had collected, he found relief in the inspirational quotes,  comfort food recipes, and architecture pictures. He began to realize that maybe with the help of the advice and his friends he could make it through the hurt. In the midst of these comforting thoughts he is looking through his Facebook page when he sees two pictures of himself on his page almost back to back.

Ted Recovery

The first was a picture of himself in college holding on to his college girlfriend Karen, who was a manipulative and horrible person. The second was him a couple of weeks ago before he had met Jennifer. Looking at the difference between the two photos Ted realized all the progress he had made over the years. He was much better off now. He dumped Karen, changed his haircut, and made great personal strides since then. It was then he realized if Jennifer couldn’t appreciate the decent man he had become maybe there was a reason it didn’t work out between them. He now agreed with the advice of his friends, he deserved someone who loved him as much as he loved her. He now felt a lot better and decided to be productive and make business card for his personal architecture firm.

Business Card

Feeling like he’s made progress emotionally and otherwise he calls up his friends to grab a drink at McLarens.