Final Weekly Summary

Looking at Yourself (Visual Assignment 3.5 stars)- For this assignment I created the painting Lily made of Ted. I felt this captured the goal of the assignment because it was an artful expression of how Ted felt after getting his heart broken. To make it I uploaded his picture while crying and a picture of a cartoon heart and added a pastel filter.

Movie Voice Machines (Audio Assignment 2.5 stars)- For this assignment I made the voicemail left for Ted by Barney. I tried to mimic his voice, which is hard to do, and use his many catch phrases. I also threw in some references to popular HIMYM items and places.

Your Pinteresting a Character (Web Assignment 4 stars)- To complete this assignment I made a Pinterest board for Ted. To fit the story I made the subject breakups. I pinned breakup quotes, advice, breakup foods, funny animal pictures, and architecture posts. I wanted to add stuff he would want to see during a breakup. He would need advice and stuff to cheer him up.

Redoing that Past Pose (Visual Assignment 3.5 stars)- For this assignment I wanted it to be the turning point for Ted beginning to feel better. I decided to make it about Ted’s transformation over the years as a person. He could feel better knowing that he’s come a long way and is worth someone who can appreciate him. To accomplish this I took a picture of Ted from when he was in college and put it next to a more recent picture of him. To satisfy the assignment’s goal I found the pictures where he has the same smiling expression.

Create Your Own Business Card (Design Assignment 3 stars)- This assignment was to simply make a business card. To fit the story I made one from Ted. To make it I used I used a cityscape of New York City as the backdrop of the card and added a photo of blueprints to give extra design to the card. The rest contains Ted’s contact information. I wanted this to serve as the final step that shows he is ready to move on.

I had fun making the final project. I found out it is harder than it looks to create a storyline for a character. I doubt this would pass as a full episode of How I Met Your Mother, but I enjoyed putting the thought into it. In a lot of ways this stays true to what the show is about. It was interesting to see how each assignment of a different element could come together and make a full story. This is what the course has been about all along. I gained some helpful skills from this class. I’m thankful that now I can take this skills and apply them to my everyday life. Have a great break everyone!