My Dream Vacation


I chose to complete the Create Your Own Dream Vacation on Pinterest  Web Assignment (three stars). You can see my board containing the pins I collected about my Italian trip here.

I really hope a trip to Italy will happen for me someday. My dad always said we would go after I graduated from college. Its so close now, I just hope we actually go through with the idea. Well to help make it a reality here’s some information to consider while planning.

  • Should plan to go in beginning of May while still in off-season
  • Stay for a week and maybe a couple days more
  • Airfare even if near offseason can be up to 600 dollars
    • Fly in to Rome to save money
  • Start from Rome, then to Florence, then Venice
  • Make sure have appropriate Italian currency, because credit cards not widely accepted there
  • Use train system to travel after arriving to reduce cost and not be responsible for a rented car
  • Dress more upscale than traditional tourist to reduce pickpocketing in major cities
  • Shopping stores end in mid afternoon, while dinner is served after 8pm
  • Visit Coliseum, art museums, take time to enjoy non-touristy natural beauty of the land, ride in gondola
  • Experience real Italian cuisine, try new things (not just what I know of American counterparts)
  • Learn enough Italian to get around before hand. Not overly so, but at least the top 50 words or phrases
  • Make sure our passports and visas are order
  • Have Fun!