Movie Poster MashUp

For my MashUp Assignment requirement I chose the Movie Mashup (4 1/2 stars). The basis of the assignment was to take two movies which have been compared to one another and mix them together into one movie poster. Here’s my submission:

Iron man SuperMan  poster

To complete the assignment I took several pictures off the internet and merged them together using I started with a good background canvas with Superman and the buildings. To add Iron Man I selected around him and copy and pasted him into the other frame. I then had to erased any borders around him that remained from his original background. The movie poster title was added using the test box tool in italic font. To finish I included the movie’s production details in the same method as Iron Man. I enjoyed how user friendly pixlr is. It is very similar to Photoshop, which is good because my subscription just ran out. The only complaint I have is that I had to redo this assignment 3 times, because the site kept dropping me for various reasons.