Favorite Team MashUp

For this MashUp Assignment I chose the Your Favorite Teams assignment (3 stars). The basis of the assignment is to mix together your favorite team’s logo into one logo. The goal is to make it work together as if it could be an actual team logo. Here’s my design:

Baltimore Logo

As you can tell I’m a big Maryland sports fan. I combined three of my favorite teams the Baltimore Ravens, Baltimore Orioles, and University of Maryland Terrapins. I got started loving Maryland sports teams by my Mom’s side of the family. My Poppop loved his Maryland sports and started me loving the Ravens. The Ravens are the team I follow more than the others. Some people would say I love them a little too much. I don’t follow the other two nearly as much. I’m not a big baseball fan, but if pressured I would definitely keep with my roots and say Orioles. The Terps come from my Mom. She went to college at the University of Maryland and if I watch college football we always find their game.

To make this new logo I took pictures off the internet and then used the lasso to copy/paste them into a single frame. I then had to remove remaining edges and do some touching up around where the Ravens symbol covers up the M on the Terp’s chest. I wish I could better blend the Oriole head onto the Terp but the color schemes are so different. I didn’t want to mess with either so they could still retain some aspect of their previous association.