Explaining Remixes

Here is the sound clip of me briefly explaining remixes to my brother:

To me remixes and mashups are a symbol of progress. I enjoy and appreciate how they utilize the creative process in the best way. I strongly agree with the Remix Manifesto. I believe new ideas are always based on previous ones. That’s how innovation is created. I particularity like the examples of inventions such as the light bulb and motor assembly line, which demonstrate that they were made by using parts from other previous ideas. Its how they are used and re-imagined that truly set them apart. This is a big part of the what the part three Everything is a Remix video was talking about. I always wondered how novel writers and song writers kept up their creativity. It wasn’t till I listened to this video that I agreed how creativity is not something everyone is born with. Creativity is something that is learned and shaped by our individual experience. Its for this reason that new ideas and creations resemble other works. As far as copyright goes, I’m convinced its nothing but a matter of money. People can be very greedy when they don’t think they are getting what’s “owed” to them. I can understand wanting to get credit for your work, but others reinterpreting it should take nothing away from your original. It baffles me how society can allow individuals to be bullied into giving up their creativity. Looking at the example the Star-Wars Call Me Maybe , I can see someone who took a lot of time and effort to find all the right clips to recreate the song. Its also obviously not meant to make money so it doesn’t take away from the mediums original purpose, if anything it gets her song out there more. It brought me joy in an original way, so I can appreciate its thought process. I also watched the fake movie preview for magic school bus. I really liked this video. I thought it was very creative and payed a great tribute to the original show. It brought a modern sense to a classic. I think it even has the added benefit of educating a younger generation of a wonderful series they’ve never heard of.