Creepy Dorthey

For my last MashUp Assignment I chose the I @IamTalkyTina Headswap (2 stars). It caught my eye because its such a weird assignment, but I kept thinking of all the things you could put Tina’s creepy head on. Here’s my submission:

creepy doll mashup

I decided to put Tina’s head on Dorthey from the Wizard of Oz, because Tina’s pigtails and dress reminded me of what Dorthey wore in the movie. Its kind of creepy how well they go together after I finished. Together it actually looks like a complete doll.  The hands and overall pose is very doll like. I successfully creeped myself out.

To make the MashUp I took a picture of Dorthey and Tina off the internet and used to combine them. I used the lasso tool to outline where to copy and paste Tina’s head into the picture of Dorthey. From there I changed the Dorthey picture to black and white to match the Tina head. After resizing Tina’s head, it was considerably more difficult to remove Dorthey’s original hair. It was so hard, because her hair was pitch black and rested on top of her dress. To fix it I used the clone stamp tool to take the pattern from the dress to recreate the straps of her dress and then filled in the neckline with a similar white color.