Car Lust Remix

For my remixed assignment I received the Car Lust Visual Assignment, in the original assignment you were post a picture of your dream car and write a blog post demonstrating how it makes you feel and what you love about the car. The twist the remix adds to the assignment is that a foreign language must be added to the post. To start off I chose a car from someone’s previous completion of the original assignment.

2010 Audi R8 GT

My dream car is the Audi R8. This car yells velocità. Every edge is lavorato to free the car from the chains of normale guida. It reminds me that forza can be hidden in a sottile form. Even small details like the headlights evocare a sense of pericolo and mistero. If I drove this vehicle I would feel like the most interessante man in the world. I would gara down the street just for the brivido the motore exudes. I could watch as people stare in chiedere while the boom of the turbo scuote the strada. This car is velocità, it is feroce, it is perfezione.

To complete the remix I took the image from a previous post and wrote my own reflection on how I feel about the car. To fulfill the requirements of the remix I translated some of the more descriptive words into Italian. While Audi is a German company I chose Italian because this assignment is all about emotion and how the car makes you feel, and I felt Italian is the best language to give accurate emotional translations. Italian is a very emotion filled language so I thought it would be appropriate.