My Calvin Ball (Daily Create 971)

In my version of Calvin Ball you combine the sports of football and longboarding. It is meant to be run similar to the gauntlet, which is a typical exercise in the NFL Draft. In the draft it means a drill where the wide receivers participating run down a straight line with quarterbacks passing them the ball from both sides of them as they run. In my version you must do this all while riding on a longboard. This can be difficult when you factor in speed and the concentration catching the ball takes away from your balance. The person with the most catches, without seriously injuring themselves

1st Weekly Summary

Heres the links to my other various sites: Flickr: Twitter: Soundcloud: Youtube: Learn about ME: Although WordPress gave me a little hassle, once it settled down I discovered there was a lot more I could do than I had experimented last year. This blog uses …

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