Background Check

I’m just your average Virginian. I grew up in Spotsylvania County and haven’t escaped yet. Although sometimes I’d like to get away I’m happy with where I am. I went to Riverbend High School, class of 2011!, following that a two year stint at Germanna Community College to receive my associates before coming to UMW. So far, the school has offered what I needed. I’m a computer science major, and for those wondering its not as easy as some people make it look. While challenging, I enjoy learning new things and showing myself I have what it takes to complete each assignment that comes my way.

Apart from school I’m a big sports guy. I love football, soccer, volleyball, anything that’s competitive really. I’m a die hard Baltimore Ravens fan and that’s the way I like it! If I had things my way I’d always be by the water. I would love to live at the beach and I recently became addicted to wakeboarding and paddle boarding. I would like to try surfing someday. Hope this helped you understand a little about me, if you have any questions just ask!

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